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Sharing something with the person you care the most about is a wonderful thing. x3
Happy Valentines Day to everyone and especially my Incy~<3

Tried to do a more decent and brighter coloring with this one, so it suits more to the theme.
Don’t know if it’s because of her lines, but the coloring looks a bit like from LadyBeelze. xD

Lineart (c) LadyBeelze
Coloring & PIkunamon (c) Pikuna
Incendramon (c) INCtastic

Finally the second part where I put the second and third picture together. XP
The fight agressions between Firemon and the female Coronamon get higher and higher and one of the Coronamon is still not able to stop them. xD

Yeah, coloration is different from the first one, happens when I wait so long and don’t save the colors. xD
Hopefully it still looks good in the quick coloring. :3

Lineart (c) frolis-artmaneuver
Coloration & Firemon (c) Pikuna / me
Coronamon & Bandai (c) Bandai / Toei Animation

Pikuna: Nyu, you look good in this suit, Baupres. Even I prfer your more…open captain-uniform. *giggles*
Baupres: Uhm, thanks…I guess.

Seems Baupres doesn’t feel very well in his skin at the moment. xD
He and his brothers still beleive that, because she is a cat, she would eat them.
But they don’t need to worry, even Pikunamon would like to eat him up in another way, she doesn’t like fish. XP
Oh, and don’t worry, Pikunamon isn’t cheating on Incendramon, I’m sure he sits in the same restaurant with the sharkgirl Myrl. xD

First Lineart after a long while. xwx
I really dislike it to do them nowadays. |D
Hu, I’m happy with Baupres skin, but I’m REALLY unsure if I didn’t make the suit too dark. DX
It was still a lot of fun and from now on Pikunamon will have this dress in her wardrobe. uwu

Sketch & Baupres (c) LadyBeelze
Lineart, Colors & Pikunamon (c) Pikuna/Me

Oi, so much yellow/gold in this picture. @w@
My two Magnamon twins, the male one just goes normal with Magnamon, but his sister prefers to be called Magna-Chan or just Chan.
When they still were V-Mon, their home village was destroyed and their parents killed.
Alphamon, who looked after the destroyed village, found the twins and since he sensed great potential in the male one he took both to the castle of the Royal Knights.
After a long time of training the brother recived the gift from Yggdrasil and digivolved to Magnamon.
Because the twins have a very strong connection to each other, the sister also turned into a Magnamon, but didn’t get into the rank of a Royal Knight and also doesn’t have the same powers as her brother.
Even Chan was allowed to stay in the castle, she was told several times that she wouldn’t promoted to the rank of an RK, but this still doesn’t hinder her to train and try to show her worthiness.
This often brings her brother Magnamon in aggravating situations, because he his responsible for her and this often makes him mad about her.
Luckily after some years Chan found new friends in the Flamedramon siblings, who she helps in their blacksmith’s shop and goes on adventures with them.

While Magnamon is an alround-talent when it comes to abilities, Magna-Chan only has good stats in attack and speed, but she is also very reckless.
To avoid confusions Chan started to wear accessories and later took of the armor and wears more casual clothes, which are made out of very thin, but still protective Gold Digizoid.
Out of the same materials are her hammers made, forged by the Olympus Twelve Vulcanusmon (After along time of begging and fulfil some taks for him.)

Lineart (c) LadyBeelze
Coloration & Characters (c) Pikuna / me
Magnamon/Digimon (c) Bandai / Toei Animation

A Lineart Request I got from Mearns
He was so nice to give me a guide so I could color this pic without Lines.
I tried it out, but I must say it really drags on my nerves and doesn’t make so much fun as coloring with lines. xD
Was still a good practise for myself. ^w^

And here you can see another one of Pikunamon’s attacks, Flaming Spear. :3
Normaly doing in a normal standing pose, but in this jumping like situation it looks cooler. xD

Textless Cover Page of a Comic I do with Riza23 that only will be published on FA and Weasyl.

Flamedramon is an archeologist since years and had already faced a lot of dangerous situation.
But when he entered the chamber that belongs to one of the best-known assassin-guilde in the DigitalWorld his destiny was to die.
Luckily for him the assassin, that was sent out to kill him, was Bastemon who was a good fighter, but not so happy about killing others.
After an intense fight, she felt sympathy for him and instead of killing him, she took the dragon to the base of the guilde to ask the Leader, and her foster father, Baalmon for another solution.
This was the perfect chance for Baalmon to give his adopted daughter another life. His task for Bastemon was, that she should look after Flamedramon so he never would take a step into the chamber again.
Even Flamedramon wasn’t so happy about this he had no other options, so he took the lively cat with on his adventures.

Little summary of the meeting-story from Incy’s Flamedramon and my Bastemon.
If we hadn’t our Incendramon and Pikunamon already, those two would be our main-chars. xD
Their story take place in my own Digimon-Universe where I have a lot of Digimon Chars. :3

Jeeez, it took me the whole day to shade this. |D
Flamedramon is really no problem, but Bastemon with all her details is hard. >w<
But I’m very proud of this and I must say that I love the brown from Bastemon’s fur. <3
She has a chest armor, unfortunately you can’t see it here. xD
But you can see Flamedramon’s cape with a hoodie he has to protect himself from the sunlight in the desert.

Lineart (c) Riza23
Coloration & Bastemon char (c) Pikuna/me
Flamedramon Char (c) incodiac
Digimon (c) Bandai / Toei Animation

Pharaonenfuchs and I wanted to do a Collab with our Kalos-Starters before the games were released, but as you can see it took a while and in the meantime my Froakie Matsuda evolved to a Greninja. xD

Matsuda loves to read Fairytails a lot and he doesn’t mind
to read out loud for friends.
And Kalypso seems to like to hear to him,
so much he even felt asleep. XP

Was a quick/simple coloring from me,
because I think that fits the most to the lines. :3
Just cleaned the lines a bit and
added Matsuda’s pince-nez he wears when reading.
And yes, he hasn’t a tounge scarf like other Greninja,
but an Expert-Belt as scarf. :3

Lines & Kalypso (male Fennekin) (c) Pharaonenfuchs
Coloring & Matsuda (male Greninja) (c) Pikuna/me

And here you can see how a Pikunamon uses her Fire Arrows attack. 8D
Really need images of her doing the attacks, even when they are simple. |D

I tried somethign new with this.
You see that it’s Cell-Shading, but I added some Soft-Shaded lights into this and I wonder what you think of this combination.
I must say it looks good so far, of course I need to do it better and with different colors, but I like the first try. xD

Lineart (c) Sodabrus
Colors & Pikunamon (c) Pikuna/me

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